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lecture «Sound stimulation in slow wave sleep – effects on memory consolidation» by Miika Leminen

18/09/2014 17:00

Dear Colleagues! We invite you to the lecture «Sound stimulation in slow wave sleep – effects on memory consolidation»by Miika Leminen,  MA(psych), MSc(tech),  Researcher Institute of Behavioural Sciences University of Helsinki, Finland & Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience Aarhus University, DenmarkIn a recent study, Ngo, Martinez, Born & Mölle (2013,  Neuron), used an auditory stimulus that was phase-locked to slow-wave sleep (SWS) delta waves. The results showed increased activity of both slow waves and sleep spindles, and more remarkably,  improvement of memory recall in an associated word pair memory task. In  the current study, the main goal was to replicate these results and  additionally test the effect with different memory tasks, as well as to  investigate its neural mechanism and possible  side effects.Results showed that the SWS delta wave phase-locked sound  stimulation significantly increased both slow wave and sleep spindle  activity. The memory performance in word pair task was also improved,  whereas the mood questionnaire showed less overnight  decrease in the tension factor.However, sound stimulation did not significantly affect  the subjective sleep quality. These results indicate that the SWS  targeted sound stimulation is capable of improving the memory consolidation, however, the effect is dependent on the memory  material and task.Date:        18.09.14Time:       17.00Address:  Volgogradsky Prosp., 46B Room:     108Centre for Cognition & Decision Making, HSE Map: you need a pass to the HSE, please contact Anastasia Plotnikova via email: aplotnikova@hse.rumobile +7 (963) 767-60-70